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Drilling Auger

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ANICO INTERNATIONAL, manufactures high quality augers for different drilling requirements. Augers are mainly classified into two, Soil auger and Rock auger. While the soil auger is suitable to drill clay and soil, the rock auger is used for medium and hard rock conditions. The soil augers are made of flights having thickness ranging from 25 to 30mm. Due to the high amount of load the rock augers have to encounter, they are usually made from flights whose thickness is in the range of 30 to 40mm. The thickness of flights also depends on the diameter of the hole to be drilled . In both cases the auger has hard faced ribbings along the whole thickness of the flights as anti-wear.


Another peculiarity of the auger tool is its replaceable central bit. Depending on the severity of the cutting surface different central bits can be used on the same tool. Since the central bit leads the drilling operation it is also called PILOT BIT. Augers are usually constructed with single start flight at the top and with double start flight at the bottom. In some cases the augers are made with single or double start flight along the whole height.